A Statement of Faith

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A Statement of Faith

The Light is the Life in Christ – George Fox

Of God: God is a Spirit (Jn.4:24). God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three in One, yet not three Gods but One (1 Jn.5:7).

Of Christ: Christ is God (Jn 1:1). Christ Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit (Mt.1:18). Jesus Christ, God made flesh (Jn.1:14). Jesus Christ died for our sins but rose again the third day according to Scripture (1 Cor.15:3,4). Christ is the only Mediator between man and God (1 Tim.2:5).

Of the Holy Scriptures: The Holy Scriptures are inspired by God, therefore true and profitable (2 Tim.3:15,16,17). But only Christ Jesus is the Word of God (Rev.19: 13-15) as the Scriptures clearly testify. Christians must study the Holy Scriptures (Jn.5:39). One must be led by the Holy Spirit in order to understand the…

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