Happy birthday, Thomas Garrett #‎Quaker

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Happy birthday, Thomas Garrett (Aug. 21, 1789 – Jan. 25, 1871)! ‪#‎Quaker‬. ‪#‎Pacifist‬.‪#‎Abolitionist‬. Leader in the Underground Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware. Thomas carried out his abolitionist activities in open defiance of slave hunters and the slave system. Everybody in town knew that his home, at 227 Shipley Street, was a haven for runaway slaves. It is estimated that more than 2,700 slaves from the South made their way through the Garrett house. Thomas was not an absolutist with regard to his Quaker pacifism. He believed, in a case where he might be attacked physically, that it would be acceptable to defend himself by subduing his attackers. He also believed that slavery could probably only be finally abolished through a civil war. Buried in the Friends Meeting House Burial Ground, 4th & West Streets, Wilmington, Delaware.
~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.


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