Happy birthday, Sarah Pugh #Quaker

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Marginal Mennonite Society

Happy birthday, Sarah Pugh (Oct. 6, 1800 – Aug. 3, 1884)! #Quaker. #Suffragist. #Abolitionist. #Pacifist. Teacher. Leader of the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society, a group open to all races. In May 1838, a mob burned down the newly constructed Pennsylvania Hall (at 6th Street between Cherry & Race Streets), where the Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women was taking place. The women escaped the structure in pairs, black women arm-in-arm with white women. The next day the convention reconvened in Sarah Pugh’s schoolhouse. In 1840, Sarah (along with Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton) attended the World Anti-Slavery Conference in London, even though female delegates had been denied registration. Never married. Died in Germantown at the age of 83. Buried in the Friends Fair Hill Burial Ground, 9th & Cambria Streets, Philadelphia.


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