Michele Serveto

Ecumenics and Quakers

On this date in 1553 (Oct. 27th), Michael Servetus was burned at the stake in #Geneva, Switzerland. #Humanist. #Rationalist. #Antitrinitarian. Physician. Theologian. Opponent of infant baptism. Condemned by Protestants as well as Catholics. It was the Protestants who finally captured him and ordered his execution. Servetus observed that the doctrine of the “trinity” is not based on the Bible, for the term and the concept are nowhere to be found in the text. He said trinitarians have turned Christianity into a belief in three gods. No matter how much they try to explain otherwise, orthodox Christians are actually polytheists. He advocated a return to the gospel simplicity that pre-dated the trinitarian formulations of the creeds, in the hopes that Christians could find common ground with the Jews and the Moslems who have preserved the truth of God’s unity. Servetus never joined…

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