Happy birthday, Jemima Wilkinson #quaker

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e sMS
Mennonite Matriarchal Movement

Happy birthday, Jemima Wilkinson (Nov. 29, 1752 – July 1, 1819)! #Pacifist. #Feminist. #Abolitionist. Transgender evangelist. Grew up in a strict #Quaker home in Rhode Island. Founder in 1783 of the Society of Universal Friends. Advocate for simplicity in dress and lifestyle. After a near-death experience in 1776, Jemima changed her name to “Publick Universal Friend.” She stopped using gendered pronouns, as s/he came to believe s/he was neither male nor female. Gained a huge following that bordered on cult status. Regarded as a messianic figure by many. Her mission: to preach to a “lost and guilty, gossiping, dying world.” She stressed a regimen of sexual abstinence and friendship with everyone. Founder of a utopian community near Seneca Lake, New York, in 1788. Her house in Jerusalem, New York, is still standing. Born in Cumberland, Rhode Island. Died near present-day Penn Yan, New York.
~The Mennonite Matriarchal Movement Heroes Series


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